Easy Masking Tools in Photoshop that You Should Know
A very vital skill that is required of you is to have the ability and skill to have images clipped out and get them masked. It doesn’t really matter what type of task you may be doing in Photoshop platform as you will be required to have images removed from their respective backgrounds in masking process. This is where you will need to have the skills to carry out a proper channel masking in this platform.



Are you having problems trying to master how to have an image masked in your Photoshop application? Then relax as you will soon discover some of those tools that you should avoid when trying to do professional masking. This is because you could be using the wrong tool all this while.

The Magic Wand Tool
You have to avoid this tool when trying to carry out a process of channel masking if you don’t want people to label you as an amateur. When you click on any area of the image that you want to edit, the magic wand tool will be automatically displayed by Photoshop. If the photo that you are trying to edit has a very high resolution then you are free to make use of this tool. However, if it happens that the image isn’t, then don’t use of it because it will make a mess of the whole thing.

The Quick Selection Tool
Although this one is great and better than the magic wand tool explained above, both won’t offer you that much when it comes to wanting to have an image perfectly masked. Just as the name implies, it can only be used during emergency as it allows you to specifically select the aspect of the image that you want to mask.

Avoid the Lasso Tool
This is a wonderful tool when it comes to designs but not in the case of wanting to carry out a process of channel masking as you may just miss it all. You can use this one easily when compared to other advanced tools but you may not be able to do proper editing or manipulate those curves as you would have liked.

From the above, it is obvious that there are some tools that you should always avoid when doing proper masking in Photoshop.

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