Clipping Path

A clipping path is the selection of multiple points within a photo; around a chosen person, place, or thing. Once the clipping path is completed you can use the silhouette to insert into other photos or articles.Read More

Background Removal Services

Graphic design is a visual and textual combination to create appealing content. This content is considered a work of art, as well as, a skill set. It is used in many forms from video games to newspapers.Read More

Image Masking

An image mask is used to preserve an area of an image from any alterations while still allowing the unmasked portion of the image to be modified. This allows the quality of the image to be improved more efficiently.Read More

Shadow Creation

Shadow creation in an image is the darkening of an existing shadow, or the creation of a new one within the image. This is used to simulate time of day, depth, or enhance the details.Read More

Image Retouching

Image retouching or the alteration of an illustration, graphic design, or artwork is done through color adjustments, image manipulation, the introduction of new features, or the removal of unwanted details.Read More

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin changes the giving image into a more desirable photo. It is the altering, neck joint, or transformation of the chosen photo by manipulating different features such as saturation, color, or tone.Read More

Color Correction

Color correction or adjustment is used to enhance, edit, and correct the color and tone.  Color adjustments can change the photo from one exposure to another; alter the hue and saturation, change the photo to black & white, and much more.Read More

Automobile Image Editing

Automobile image editing is the editing of automobile vehicles to improve the look and design. It is used to brighten the features, remove imperfections, and create a vivid vehicle perception that is more pleasing to the viewer.Read More

Photo Editing

Photo editing is a technique used to change an image. It can refer to the manipulation of and image, cropping, alteration of colors, or to insert or remove specific feature from the image.Read More

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