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Ladies love beauty and decoration, men on the other hand love gaming and one of the exciting games is the need for speed the run or GTA.

The games bring a good feeling since I could own a good racing car that eventually drove me to love car art. The introduction of Adobe Photoshop made it easier for me since I can design a picture of my dream car that can be used in any of the races.

How to Create Car reflection in Photoshop

How to draw a car in Photoshop CS6

Step 1

After opening the Adobe Photoshop application open a new file by pressing ctrl+N. A dialog box will be opened which will help you in doing the page setup.

Step 2

Sketch a picture of your dream car in Photoshop by using a pencil a paper. The art should be detailed to give the perspective of the vehicle.

Step 3

Upon completion scan, the paper art, import the scanned art to Photoshop and select the pen tool. On the pen tool select on the path to help you trace the ages of the hand-drawn art. Now trace the shape of the car using the pen tool.

Step 4

In this step trace the inner shape of the car. This can be done by setting the pen mode to subtract to turn into a hole inside the car.

Step 5

Create a new layer and draw body lines to separate parts of the car using black color. Press Ctrl + j to duplicate the layer. Press Ctrl + I to invert the duplicated line color to white. Activate the move tool to and hit the down arrow to move it down.

Step 6

To create the door draw a path and then convert it to selection, then draw a linear gradient from gradient black to transparent black. After that reduce the layer opacity

Step 7

To insert car glass draw a subtle highlight between the doors where glasses are meant to be fixed.

Step 8

After making a new layer draw a glass reflection by using a soft brush tool with low opacity.

Step 9

To insert a rear view mirror start by drawing a polygon selection. Then make a new layer and fill it with the color black. To add highlight and shadows create a new layer and paint the upper part with a white and lower section with black.

Step 10

To add the rear view mirror handle, activate the lasso tool and make a selection where you desire to place the handle then fill it white. Add bevel and emboss.

Step 11

To draw the seats make a new layer and hit Ctrl + Alt + G to convert it to clipping mask. This is done by drawing the basic seat shape. Paint the desired color on the seat and add a logo.

Step 12

To insert attire draw a black elliptical shape then make a new layer. Using brush tool with low opacity paint highlight and shadows.

Step 13

Use brush tool with 100% hardness and 100% to draw basic rim shape. Using your desired foreground color make a new layer and place it behind the rim shape.

Step 14

Add colors inside the rim hole to draw bolts.

Final Verdict

Has drawing cars now become easy in Photoshop? Our step by step tutorial is meant to make it not only easy for you but also doable. You only need to know how to use the brush tool and be able to sketch a picture of a car. For more information, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and blog.