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Are you looking for ways on how to sell your more cars with great photos? Well, car photo editors are here to fulfill your dream of selling cars with great photos. The car photo editing service done here includes editing, removing and replacing the photo background, and setting the image to produce a great photo.

Car Photo Editing


If you did know, a great image or any photo about anything speaks louder than actual words? Customers are more attracted by great images of what you are selling, and here is how you will achieve a great car photo.


A. Give the car a good wash

When using a high-quality camera to take a photo of the car you want to sell, be aware that every single detail will be captured. Therefore, before you take the photo ensure the interior and exterior of the car are clean and no unnecessary stickers are available.

B. Lighting is crucial

If you want to produce a great photo, there is a unique light that is required and is when the sun is low. Therefore, consider taking photos during morning or evening, or cloudy hours. When the sun is down, there is always a bright glare, free harsh shadows, and a warm glow.


C. Location, location, location

While taking photos, ensure that the background of your car has what can appeal to the buyer. There are photo backgrounds that can be destructive such as trees, houses, or other unnecessary objects. Therefore, consider moving the car to a location that creates an appealing background.

Car Photography Tips

D. Shooting in the sun

Sometimes you may be forced to take a photo of the car while it is sunny. During such moments, brightness will be high and can affect the quality of the image. Therefore, if you want to produce a great photo under sunny conditions, ensure you minimize the shadows. You can achieve this by taking the photo while not on the side of the shadow and ensuring you use camera flash for glare minimization. Again, ensure the car is not under objects such as buildings or trees.

E. Position yourself for creating a photo

When taking a photo, ensure that you are at a distance that gives a real image or nature of the car. You can position yourself and the camera to take the photo which is at eye level to the car.

F. Take lots of photos

If you want to have great photos for your car, then ensure you take as many photos as you can so long as your camera has enough storage space. Taking lots of photos gives a chance to later select the best and those bring more appealing.

G. Give potential buyers a good variety

When clients want to buy a car, there are several parts they may want to see. Therefore, as a car seller, ensure you take photos of most parts of the car that clients are likely to want to see. Most parts that you may ensure you capture when taking photos for the car include, interior and exterior parts( back, rear, front, all sides), trunk, and odometer reading.

H. Keep it accurate

Accuracy is always important in everything as it gives the right expectations. In the same way, when taking the photos, ensure they represent the entire car and its parts accurately. This ensures you don’t launch disappointments and dissatisfaction to clients when they come to buy.

I. Be prepared to email

Customers may need to see more photos regarding the posited image of the car on the selling site. Therefore, you should be ready to share via email upon request by the client.

Selling cars is one of the greatest ideas that brings the best moments in the world of businesses. May it be you are selling through an online or dealership, it will take the best time when you pursue a buyer until they buy. But it may take you deep into thinking of what you can do to win a buyer. One of the great ideas you can have to convince a buyer when selling a car is having a great photo. If you want to achieve great car photos, then follow the above ways.

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