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You can see the results of clipping path technology on virtually any image that has gone viral on social media, whether it is the image of a celebrity at the height of his or 15 minutes of fame superimposed on a famous painting or an image of a person or object that appears to be floating on a solid color background. Image editing software applications like Photoshop use a clipping path to “cut” objects out of digital images so that they can be “pasted” onto other digital images.

If you have a friend with Photoshop but who is not a professional image editor, or if you have a Facebook friend with a goofy sense of humor, you have probably seen bad clipping path work. Edges are not smooth, and little pieces of the old background stay in the image that has been cut. If you need images edited with clipping path that is truly convincing and not distracting, leave it to us.

How Clipping Path Works

In Photoshop, the image editor draws a line around the image that he or she wants to repurpose for a new image. The area inside the line gets taken out, while the area outside of it gets discarded. You can then display the cut out image without a background or on a new background.

Applications of Clipping Path

There are some instances where you only want viewers to see an object, not the scenery in which it was photographed. Have you ever noticed that products on ecommerce sites are usually displayed without a background? They weren’t photographed floating in midair; rather, the images were edited with clipping path. Likewise, brand logos might require a photographed image without a background. If you have a blog, you could waste hours looking for images that are just right to illustrate it. A better use of your time would be to use clipping path to cut out the parts of images that you need. Almost any business that displays images, whether it is an ecommerce site, a web design business, or a news site can benefit from clipping path services.

Why Outsource Clipping Path Work

Using clipping path is a specialized skill. It takes a long time to get good at it, and your time is better spent on the other aspects of running your website or business.

Service Complexity of Photoshop Clipping Path?

Why do rates vary so widely for Photoshop Clipping Path services, even within the same firm? Why can you give two different images to the same person to cut out using Photoshop Clipping Path and get two different quotes? That is because the level of difficulty of cutting out images varies from one image to another, and therefore so does the time, work, and skill required to cut them out successfully. Photoshop Clipping Path is a technology that allows you to cut out an image from a background, which is easy when the image has one simple, clear-cut outline, but very often, the outlines of images you want to cut out in order to display products on ecommerce sites or imposed photo studio-taken images of people onto a new background for a magazine cover are not simple shapes. Consider the difference between how simple it is to cut out a triangle from a background to how complicated it would be to cut out the lace doily from an image of the doily on a different colored tablecloth. That is the essence of the different levels of complexity of Photoshop Clipping Path tasks.

Simple/Basic Clipping Path

Simple/Basic Clipping Path involves cutting out a solid shape from a background. Images suitable for Simple/Basic Clipping Path tasks do not literally have to be simple, geometric shapes like the aforementioned triangle, but they are not much more complicated. Many products displayed on ecommerce sites only require Simple/Basic Clipping Path service. Basic Clipping Path tasks are things like books and smartphones, which are rectangular. Simple Clipping Path tasks are for items that have an outer and inner outline, such as a bracelet or a pair of headphones. In other words, if an item has one hole, so that there is background visible outside it and inside it, then it is a Simple Clipping Path task. Likewise, Simple Clipping Path is suitable for items that have a curvy or irregular-sides outline but do not have any holes, so the outline is continuous. Examples of this type of item include T-shirts and pairs of trousers.

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Compound Clipping Path

Compound Clipping Path

Compound Clipping Path service is also known as Medium Clipping Path service. The big difference between images that need Medium Clipping Path and ones for which Simple/Basic Clipping Path will suffice is that Medium Clipping Path have more negative space, which is also known as “holes” in the idiom of Photoshop Clipping Path. An example of an image suitable for Medium Clipping Path is that of an athlete in action. Whether the athlete is running, dunking a basketball, or in midair between the diving board and the swimming pool, or even the image catches him at the moment where his pole vault bar makes contact with the ground, there will be negative space, and it will be oddly shaped. Human beings are not shaped like gingerbread man cookies, and unless they are posing in gingerbread cookie-like poses, you will need to use Medium Clipping Path to cut them out and add them to a different background.

Complex Clipping Path

Complex Clipping Path is the Photoshop Clipping Path service you will need to use for images that are even more complex than Medium Clipping Path images. Complex Clipping Path images have many irregular shapes and many areas of negative space. Most images of groups of people require Complex Clipping Path service, whether it is just four people standing still and posing for a picture or whether it is 12 members of a color guard marching and twirling flags. Even some product images for ecommerce sites are so complex that they require Complex Clipping Path service. A famous example is bicycles. It is not enough just to cut out the outline of the bicycle. If you want it to look realistic and appealing to buyers, you must use Complex Clipping Path to cut out the negative space between the spokes of the wheels.

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Super Complicated Clipping Path

Super Complicated Clipping Path

Super Complicated Clipping Path service is required to cut out and edit the most complicated images. Images that have many layers require Super Complicated Clipping Path, such as images where lettering is superimposed on multiple figures on a background. Another use of Super Complicated Clipping Path service is for photographs of people in motion, where you can see individual strands of hair flying. (If you were planning on the image on this year’s family Christmas card being a photograph of your young daughter running on a blank background, you should probably secure her hair in a bun or a braid before you take the picture, or else you will need to use Super Complicated Clipping Path to remove the image from its original background.)

You also need Super Complicated Clipping Path for product images that show several products stacked on top of each other or overlapping.

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