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Photoshop has a main purpose, to act as a tool to correct photos and touch up anything that might be a bit off. Every single photo could be enhanced to look a lot better. The camera captures the picture at an exact moment but that means there could be quite a few factors playing into how the final image comes out. The lighting in the room could be off, the background colors could be messing with the overall image in the picture even though it didn’t show that way in person, every little thing plays a role in the final product. That’s why color correction is so helpful. You can fix what went wrong in the first attempt and make sure all the colors are playing their part to make the picture look its absolute best.

How to Start the Photo Color Correction Process

If you have never heard of color correction or used the tool, you probably haven’t been on the internet too long. It can be difficult to get the right balance when starting with color correcting. The final result should be a picture that looks cleaner and better while still looking natural and real. Most people take it a bit too far and end up with an image that is obviously tampered with and it ends up distracting from the photo itself.

Here are some tips if you are trying to figure out color correction for yourself:

  1. Find out the problem. Before you can actually make the picture better, you need to figure out what is wrong with it. Is it too dark? Does it look washed out or faded? Make a list of the errors and start fixing them one at a time.
  2. Fix a copy first. Before you tamper with the original file, you should work with a copy. You wouldn’t want to damage the original beyond repair, so make sure you can fix the duplicate first in case you take it too far.
  3. Start with adjustment layers. These layers will let you apply adjustments without damaging the image and you can edit them whenever you need to without actually changing the image itself.
  4. A second opinion never hurts. If you aren’t sure if the picture is believable, look at it versus the original image and maybe even ask for someone else’s opinion.

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