Ghost Mannequin

In catalogs, both print and online, neck joint or ghost mannequin services are vital. These Photoshop services remove the neck and arms from the model for shirts. Before you print or publish a photo using this service can help you to achieve a professional appearance and focuses solely on the shirt. There is nothing else there to remove the attention from the customer. They will only view the shirt that is it. You control their focus, increasing sales and making them think of your product. Get them looking at what you have to offer and only what you have to offer.


All About the Product
Too many people undervalue the importance of neck joint and image manipulation services. Think about the last time you viewed a shirt online or in a catalogue. Look at the shirt’s model. Can you see the model?

Is it a person or mannequin? Does it steal any attention away from the shirt? If you pay attention to the model, and give it any attention you could give the shirt that is taking a potential sale away from the seller. When you are the one selling the shirts, you do not want this to happen.

Visible arms and neck can distract from the shirt. Instead of looking at the design, quality, and structure of the shirt itself, they are looking at the whole picture. The person or mannequin wearing the shirt will inevitably take attention. This soaks up some of the appeal or interest that the shirt could get, lessening the likelihood of a sale. Getting more money is all about avoiding this.


Easy to Do
The neck joint service takes no time or effort. One of the appealing aspects of it is that it is simple and quick. You are not going to wait or deal with a complicated process to get the results that you want. While it is relatively simple, it is best that you have a professional do it. To ensure that only the arms and neck go, avoiding cutting off any part of the shirt, have an expert help you.

We have a team of trusted professionals ready to assist you. We will make sure that your shirts are ready to publish, no matter where you publish them.

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