You have an image where it has great potential but there is just something a little off about the overall appearance or a few things seem out of place. Can these be fixed after the photo has already been taken? Of course! All you need is someone who knows image manipulation techniques to fix the problems you’ve seen in the photo. Most of the work actually comes after the photo has been captured, actually.

                                                                                                     Image Manipulation

What is Image Manipulation?

Image manipulation is the process involved with making changes to how an image looks. Whether it will be used for marketing purposes or simply to change something for aesthetic appeal, that’s up to the editor. Most people recognize image manipulation and image retouching being used in popular media platforms, such as touching up a photo of a magazine cover. (You may also know it as photo manipulation; the names can be used interchangeably.

Once the photo has been taken and needs to be manipulated, the image will be touched up digitally. There are different types of photo manipulation ranging from artistic to aesthetic. An artistic photo manipulation could create something that is potentially bizarre, funny, and catches the onlooker’s attention. A photo edited to be more appealing would typically be seen on a magazine or album, something that is going to try and bring in more people because it is widely seen as attractive. Often, more than one image makes up the completed photo; this creates a brand new picture that could not have been created simply on its own.

If you’ve seen a magazine in your lifetime, which you surely have, you’ve probably noticed how flawless the models look. Their skin is clear and wrinkle-free, their teeth are impossibly white, and their hair seems to be doing exactly what it should. All of this is thanks to photo manipulation! A photo can be brightened, it can bring different things into focus so the eye immediately notices it over anything else, almost anything can be done to a photo!

Some common changes made to a photo would be the used of lighting filters to make the photo appear brighter, the contrast would be changed, the overall brightness of the picture would be altered, the image would be made clearer, and other aspects would be fine-tuned to bring out the picture’s full potential. Photo manipulation has quite a few different uses, it is overall an amazing feature that can really let a photo speak a thousand words.

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