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Top Three Things You Need To Master to Create Original Shadow in Photoshop
Creating original shadow in Photoshop environment can be fun but only if you know your way around. This is because most times when we create those shadows, it is either we make a mess of everything and make it look complicated or we just can’t create something that others can admire and want to have in their images.

Perfect images do have ways through which they tend to communicate with their audiences. Are you having problems creating an image with original shadow in a platform such as Photoshop? Or you can’t seem to find the adequate information that can help you create that perfect shadow in your images? Then watch out for this post and make sure that you read it to the end. This is because you will learn the top three aspects that you need to master to create such shadows in your image today.

Master Your Tools
Hey friend! Without a good command of the needed tools for creating shadows and other functionalities you may not go far as a designer. There is no how that you would want to create a shadow and then not make use of any of the tools. Take for instance; you need to know when you should make use of the “marquee” tool.

This is a very important aspect that many designers seem to be paying little attention to. It is very crucial that you have mastery knowledge of what the tools in your tool menu are used for. This will help you to benefit from them a lot.

Understand How to Mask
The truth is that you can’t create a perfect shadow without having the adequate skills that are needed for masking. When an original shadow is created, there is every tendency that you will still need to have it masked in other for the shadow to be perfect. Although, a shadow can still be created by avoiding the masking feature of Photoshop, it is important to use it because it is what the professionals actually make use of.

Understand Your Image Properly
Most people don’t even take out time to study their images before deciding on what type of shadow that they may want to create. This is the first point that you should even take into consideration. You need to take into account how you would want the shadow to look like using your marquee tool. Don’t forget that this isn’t an automatic process and as such, your input will determine your output. Know the layers to use on your image. It is also important that you know its resolution.

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