Photoshop Transparent Masking – Things That You Need To Know
You may want to make you images or photos to look more professional than they are by trying to do some editing on Photoshop. There is no easier way to do this than using the option which allows you do Photoshop transparent masking. Trying to create a mask is easy but the transparency that may be required can only make it to appear a little bit complicated.

transparent masking

What you will be learning are simple details that can help you out in the process of doing Photoshop transparent masking. These tips will at least help you to know those variables that you should look out for when trying to edit an image to appear perfect.

Let the Level of Your Transparency be Moderate
It is very unbelievable that most people want to do excellent transparent masking on Photoshop without considering the level of transparency that they have set for such editing. Your image shouldn’t be too transparent on the Photoshop environment because once it is; you will find it very difficult to enhance the image as you would have wanted.

This will help you to have more control over the brightness level of what you want to manipulate. In a nut shell, if you have opted for a white background, then you will have to set the opaque feature to 100%. On other hand, if you want to use a dark background, you will have to set it to 100% level of transparency.

Check the Dimensions of the Images
Creating transparent masking can be complicated than you might have thought it to be earlier if you don’t have the needed skills. This is especially required if you plan blending two images together on the Photoshop platform. You need to ensure that the images have the same resolutions. This can enable you to maximize the potentials of Photoshop’s ability to perfectly blend images.

Always Consider the Color of the Photos
This is important especially if you want to blend two pictures together when undergoing Photoshop transparent masking. You may find it difficult to blend two pictures if their colors aren’t the same. The best thing to do here is to make sure that they have the same levels of brightness and opacity. You will be able to do better and professional transparent masking once you can master this process.

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