Shadow Creation

Shadow creation is a really powerful picture editing technique used by many large companies to make images more attractive. However, it is not easy to get that perfect shadow effect that accurately brings out your image. That is why you need a professional shadow creation company, such as our own, to do the work for you. An attractive picture leads to more sales and with the help of our background removal and shadow creation team your company’s success is assured.

Why you need shadow creation services

Attract customers

Even before a potential buyer looks at the price of your product, they are first interested with the picture. If the picture is attractive, then there is a higher chance of making a purchase. For online companies such as amazon, eBay and any online product seller, this is important. If the images of the product are good enough then the customer is in a better position to compromise with the price.

Build your brand

With the new generation, we are more attracted to colors and pictures. We look for pictures or any images and attach meaning to them. People will relate how good the images of your company are with the performance of your company. If you have properly formatted shadow creations, your customers will feel confident and this develops a positive attitude towards your company. This is good for your business.

Let a professional do it

It may look easy; I mean, its just playing around with colors. Think again! It can get really frustrating trying to get the perfect shadow effect on your images. It can take you hours and hours to get done with one picture. And even then, it might not be that good. You wouldn’t want to end up with a substandard picture that looks fake. Customers will be running away from your brand. We have a company of qualified professionals to take of this for you.

Why would you work with us?

For starters, we assure you that we have qualified staff, with enough experience to give the best quality work. We have been in this line of work for a while now and we have gained enough knowledge on what our customers need. Rest assured, we are the best shadow creation company out there.

We also offer a trial period where you can test out our services. If you like us you can continue to work with us. If you make the wiser decision which is to work with us, you get to enjoy our fantastic price offer service together with the $5 coupon offer. It doesn’t get any better than this.

What is Shadow Creation?

Oh shucks! I forgot to tell you what shadow creation is. Shadow creation is a photo editing feature that allows you to get better effect out of your images. Various photo editing applications, such as Photoshop, offer this feature. You basically just add a shadow to a picture making it more attractive. It allows us to bring more attention to what the picture is supposed to communicate.

Types of shadows in Photoshop

Original Shadow

Original Shadow is where you retain a picture’s shadow through various backgrounds. Whenever you take a picture of an object in the real world, it has a shadow. When it comes to editing you would want to maintain that same shadow through various backgrounds. So, you have to manipulate photoshop features and carefully extract the shadow and object from their original background. It is suitable for real life pictures where replicating the shadow is near impossible. It is also good since the natural shadow always brings out the best in the image. No amount of artificial editing can match up to the original shadow.

Ðrop Shadow

A drop shadow is where the outline of the object is created and filled with black or grey. It can be all round the object but it is best when it is offset to one direction. The edges are usually smoothly faded instead of having a sharp distinction. To get a more realistic feel, the color of the background is darkened within the outline instead of making it black or grey. This shadow gives the impression that the object is raised above the other objects or the background. In most cases it is used with buttons and text in menu features and publications.

Mirror and Reflection shadow

It is basically how your image would look if you placed it on top of a floating and mirror. This is why it is also called reflective shadow. Here the shadow has color and also the same features as the object. The only difference is that they are upside down or sideways depending on the orientation of your shadow. The depth of the shadow can be adjusted to give a fading effect. It is usually really effective when properly used. It really emphasizes on the object in question and it is really beautiful in the end. It can be used with any picture or image.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Photoshop shadow effect?

Photoshop shadow effect is used to add a 3D effect to an image. It is where you create shadows and attach them to the image to make them look more realistic by giving them some sort of depth.

Check out our video for more info.

How do I create a shadow in Photoshop?

  1. First you need to separate the image you want to add a shadow to in order to have a clear background.
  1. Now click on the layer that contains an image and create a duplicate.
  1. Select the duplicate layer and on the right panel there is button at the bottom labeled ‘fx’; click on it.
  1. Choose the drop shadow and a dialogue box will appear where you can choose your specifications.
  1. Once done you just add your new layer, the one that has the shadow, on top of the old one and you are done.

Why the shadows are always black?

A shadow is basically an area where light has been obstructed. Where there is less light, there is less pronunciation of color. Depending on the strength of the shadow effect, the background color is darkened until it becomes totally black meaning there is no light getting to that point. Check out our video for more info.

What is a cast shadow?

A cast shadow is where the shadow is where the object and background are not in parallel. Therefore, the shadow is not consistent. It may start out dark and small but ends up bigger and lighter. Cast shadows are mainly used to provide realism to the picture or object at the same time adding to the 3D effect.

What is object shadow

An object shadow is the darker area in the background that has the same outline as the object. When light from a source reaches an opaque object, it is blocked. If there is a background close behind it, the area which appears darker because it is less illuminated is what is referred to as the object shadow.

Now that we know all there is to know about shadow creation, we understand why we need to hire professionals to do the job for us. As we have seen our company offers the best services at affordable prices and to top it all off, a $5 coupon. Let this be the beginning of our bright future working together.

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