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They say perception is everything, and first impressions count. This belief especially applies when you are trying to please the other party because your future could depend on it.

So when you get that call inviting you for an interview, you dress up and look your best. It is no different in business. You always want your client and every potential customer to see the best that your company has to offer.

It is therefore imperative to present a good and lasting impression on the kind of products and services you provide.

beautiful car images
Beautiful car images

In car dealerships, the car image you as the seller put in your background is the key to landing many customers. People are interested in the dealership because of the cars, and the prices of course. A good picture with 100% clarity level is the best to use to advertise the shop.

It would be devastating for your business when a prospective buyer is looking to buy one of your vehicles, but he cannot tell the back from the front because the picture is not clear. A customer is all about knowing what he wants and when you can display it the best light possible, then you will experience an increase in sales.


The car image background can lead either to more or fewer sales depending on the appeal it creates for customers. The environment should suit the car as well as the theme you intend to portray.

A background that shows disorder is likely to kill the picture as it will distract the customer’s eye. Therefore avoid things like dustbins, other cars in the parking lot and such distractions and instead opt for a simple background.


Even as you try to keep the background of the car image as simple as possible, it is important not to run the risk of being boring.

The car should interact with its surroundings, in the light of emphasizing its unique features, which can include a race car making a cloud of dust or a 4×4 ascending a hill. Such pictures will let the customer know more about the vehicle and lure him to buy.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, the more photos you can have of the car, the more likely that it will attract buyers. Buyers love to know every aspect of purchase before spending any money on it.

The car images should incorporate photos displaying the car at all angles, the interior, the exterior and any other unique features such as being a convertible should be in the pictures.


A photo speaks volumes without a word, therefore, ensure that you make the best of it. At Graphics Experts Ltd, we understand this too well and are ready to help you. We are giving you a trial period to enable you to test our efficiency in delivering quality services.

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