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The subject of cars is important to many people and so is that of car photography. Many people love to talk about cars because they are fascinated by these locomotive machines and know more about them.

Taking creative photos of cars and sharing them online so that other automobile enthusiasts can enjoy viewing and giving their two cents is not only a great hobby for many. It is actually a career that pays them pretty well. There are several car blogs and websites out there that constantly need creative and high-quality photos of cars.

car photography at night tips
car photography at night tips

Some of them sell cars, whereas others provide reviews and technical information about these transport machines to assist car buyers and sellers. Some blogs and sites can pay really well for photos they may decide to use.

A Step by Step Car Photography Guide

If you want to take your car photography career to the next level, here is where to begin. This quick step by step guide teaches you how to take quality car photos, especially at night when there is not enough lighting.


  1. Have the Right Tools for Car Photography at Night

The fact that you want to take your car photography to the next level means you are not starting out in this career. It means you want to better yourself in it, especially in the area of night photography.

You may already have a camera, lens and sensor cleaner, tripod head and legs, memory card among other basic photography tools.

However, you may not have certain enhanced photography tools that can enable you to take quality photos at night when it is dark. Now is the time to invest in tools such as a small flashlight, a flash diffuser and etc.

How to photograph cars outdoors
How to photograph cars outdoors
  1. Improve Your Night Photography Skills and Creativity Level

Everybody can handle basic photography for cars, but not everyone can be excellent when it comes to car photography at night. It requires additional skills and a higher level of creativity you may lack.

You may need to improve your camera skills, lighting skills, and image-editing skills a little bit. In addition, it may be necessary for you to improve your creativity with the angles, colors, sizes and so on slightly.

The best part is that there are many online courses that can help you with all of that. While some are paid, many are free to access.


iii. Learn the Basic Car Photography at Night Tricks

As said before, night photography can be a little bit challenging for many, including professional car photographers. But as long as you master a few basic tricks, it will not be as difficult as such.

Always work in manual mode. Always shoot in raw format. Use a flashlight to further illuminate the scene. Make sure you know how to choose proper night settings, paying attention to technical stuff like aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. Take a test shot at a high ISO and bracket your pictures.

Final Thoughts

Car photography not only can be a great pastime, but it can make you a lot of money if you have the right equipment and know how to shoot quality photos of cars. To be able to attract well-paying car blogs and websites, invest in the right equipment, update your skill and creativity levels, and be proficient at night photography.

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