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I am a graphic designer. Once I was busy with my works and at that time my younger sister, Nicola came to me with her curious face. Very eagerly, she showed me an unconventional facing picture of Pop Singer Michael Jackson. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She said to me,

“How could it become possible to a real face into evil?”

At first, I told her about “Face Swap” that is related to a computer as well as mobile phones. It was not her well-known word. Now-a-day, it is a very familiar word. Then, she said to me,

What is Face Swap?

On that query, I told her about that. Face Swap means that it is an action of Photoshop skill that strategically applies to swap the faces of two or more photos represented in a set photograph. Before started this application, various apps will recommend you to fill your desired subjects. Each app has a lot of changing services in a face is applicable to your friends, celebrities, king-queen, leaders, and pets or nearby breasts and so on. It is to say that there are more than 150 million active users use every day. At present, more are added. At the point of my telling, my sister said to me,

Will anyone can change his/her face?

Of course, why not? You can enhance your photo as well as the background of your image easily. Very willingly, you can turn your face with the famous persons all around the world. To fill up this action, it has a great importance to learn the actual tool of it. Again, she said to me,

“Why did the developer make this app?”

Very nice question! Because for entertainment. It is enjoyable too. Everyone has a curious mind for that he or she can share his or her feelings with face swapped images through social media and others. You can also follow the celebrity’s viral images as your applicable background.  Sometimes, it will make you a crazy. No matter, it will give you a great fun. Please, tell me some important apps and tools that are related to phone and computer.


Face swap in Photoshop tutorial

Step 1: Ctrl L – lasso tool for collecting the expected area

add my face to a photo
add my face to a photo


Step 2:  Ctrl J – removing the selected layer

adobe photoshop face change
adobe photoshop face change

Step 3:  When selecting a new tab in photoshop with an image।

change face on photoshop
change face in photoshop

Step 4: Ctrl V -pasting the selected layer on above the area।

face body swap
face body swap

Step 5: Ctrl T -moving the layer put the face on the sleeted place.

face swap images
face swap images

Step 6: Ctrl T with right key for warp।

face swap online tool
face swap online tool

Step 7: For finding cleanness, up- down the opacity।

face swap photoshop
face swap photoshop

Step 8: Ctrl D – deselect the unnecessary area

How to face swap in Photoshop cs6
How to face swap in Photoshop cs6


You can also check this exclusive video for any confusion.


Face swap app for android device

There are a lot of ‘Face Swap’ android based apps and all of them cost Free such as

  • FaceSwap
  • Auto Face Swap
  • Photo cartoon camera
  • Cartoon photo
  • Cartoon art
  • Moments cam
  • Sketch me
  • Photo cartoon camera
  • Match 3 Puzzle Game
  • Face Swap – Doggy Face Editor
  • Flower Crown fOr Snapchat
  • Color Splash Effect 2018
  • Make Me Woman
  • Beauty Cam – filtres Selfie
  • Selfie for Snapchat free
  • Fun Face Changer Extreme
  • Age Your Face
  • Mega Photo
  • Scary Face Swap HD
  • Troll Face Camera
  • Drop In The Cup
  • Animal Body Suit Photo Montage
  • Zombie Face Booth
  • Snapy Swap Kids Editor for Snapchat
  • Funny Photo Editor
  • Filters for SnapChat

How to use photo 505

Face swap app for iPhone/ IOS device

iOS cost Free related ‘Face Swap’ apps are

  • MixBooth
  • Snapchat
  • cartoon face animation creator
  • clip2comic
  • , Cartoon photo filters
  • cartoon yourself
  • Cartoon face
  • sketch me
  • moments cam
  • Face Juggler

Face Swap app for windows phone

Windows cost-free apps are Auto Face Swap and photo Face Swap.

Face Swap Tools

You will have found a huge tool in Photoshop CS5 like lasso tool, spot healing brush tool, move tool, etc. You have to use the function of opacity and color balance. Again, you will have found huge tools and moods in Android, iOS apps.

Sometimes it is seen as a conflict among the viral groups who publish these unconventional images via social media or newspapers. Again, a law is not maintained properly here, because all of these are deep fakes. Okay, let’s try to think differently by using ‘Face Swap’.

Finally, I inquired her anything else for Face Swap.

Nicola interested by saying that she understood about the Face Swap, how to use it and related apps. She also thanked me.