How to Add Dealer Inventory to Facebook

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As a local car dealer, it’s very important to have a presence on Facebook marketplace. This social network is one of the easiest ways to reach customers in your area, but many people don’t know how to add dealer inventory to Facebook.

Having a Facebook page makes you more relatable and accessible to customers, and it also allows potential customers to browse your inventory without having to visit in person.

Through Facebook’s new marketplace feature, your dealership has the option to list your inventory via your company’s existing Facebook page. Keep in mind that this feature is only available to dealerships in the US, UK, Mexico, and Canada. This option makes your dealership’s used vehicles readily available to browse for customers online, allowing you to reach a broader audience easily. Customers can sort through available cars by make, model, and location, so you’ll reach target buyers. It’s also an easy way for your dealership to cataloger your inventory.

How to Add Dealer Inventory to Facebook
How to Add Dealer Inventory to Facebook

Many people don’t know how to add dealer inventory to Facebook, but it’s actually a fairly simple process. First, your dealership will need to set up a Facebook business account. Once this account has been set up and verified, the next step is to contact one of Facebook’s market inventory partners, which are listed on their website.

The partner will then need to access your Facebook page, and you will find their requests under the Settings tab by clicking ’Pending Partner Requests’. Your marketplace partner will then work with you directly to list your cars on the site. Some partners do charge fees, so it may be in your businesses’ best interest to talk to multiple marketplace partners to find the right fit.

Your partner will help you through the process of uploading photos, descriptions, and pricing to Facebook. The final step of this process will be to connect your company’s Facebook Messenger to your marketplace partner so that you can respond to inquiries directly on Facebook.

The dealer inventory program offers many features that make it easier for dealers to sell their vehicles. The biggest advantage to using Facebook marketplace is that it puts your vehicles onto a very far-reaching list that is searchable to both local customers and other potentially interested parties.

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Another great feature is the ability to connect with customers via Facebook Messenger, which means you can respond to inquiries very quickly. This means that you can easily improve your customer service without much extra time or effort. You’ll also attract buyers who wouldn’t typically be interested in purchasing a car through a dealership. Many millennial’s aren’t comfortable with dealerships and would prefer to shop for cars online. By having a Facebook presence, you can still reach these customers.

If your dealership hasn’t set up Facebook marketplace listings, now is a great time to do so. Knowing how to add dealer inventory to Facebook will give your company an edge over your competition. What do you think about this exciting new Facebook feature?

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