Toy Car Photography Tips

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I am sure at one point you played with the car toys. It is a very common thing among the youths. Having gone bug it’s not wise to use them. With a camera in your hands then you are in a great position to enjoy the passion.

Toy photography is not any different from the different models. The different and the benefit, however, is that you have the ability to access the model anytime. You can even get them either during the day or the night.

Toy Car Photography Tips
Toy Car Photography Tips

To have great toy photography you need to take into consideration a few key elements.


Toy Car Photography Scale

One of the most important elements in the toy car photography is what we are calling a scale. You, however, need to get your items near the camera to have the best shot. The only challenge you will experience with macro lenses is the shallow depth of the field. The scene might, therefore, be out of focus due to the small area of your subject.


Shooting through an octabox is very different from shooting with a scaled model. While shooting, a snoot for the models, you are able to set a background.

The scene

Manipulations and digital art come out really cool. If you want a model in the snow, for instance, you need to be very creative to bring out a snow scene. Flour can be used in making snow and you can also use corn flour while making desserts.

How to Focus Stacking on Camera

The best and fastest way to focus on your camera is having a tripod will help in moving your focus ring manually for each shot that you make for your car.

Using a dedicated software to focus the focus ring electronically. This is the best application that you can use. It helps you remotely take the best pictures.

Using a dedicated slider for macro photography is another option that you can invest in. Through this, you are able to move the camera towards the direction where you get t to have the subject.

After you have made your shots, you might want to convert your shots into final shots. This is how you can best go about that.

Use Photoshop to make this happen. You can go to file, scripts or to the section of loading files into stack. After you get here you will have load layers open. Here you can therefore browse and load all your individual images.

Having done this, a load layer will open a platform to load and find your images. There are various layers that use including Autio-Blend layers among others.

Photography is, however, a mix of players with the aspects of is also worth noting that photography is easy but its hardest part lies in our hearts.

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