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Photo Editing

“Images can speak a million things”. There are several features you can change in photo editing to enhance the image creatively to suit your preferences. Below is a discussion on some features you can alter.

    • Selecting a part of the image to change. You can use a lasso, marquee, magic wand or vector-based pen tools.
      • Repositioning, altering and blending the layers.
      • Altering the image size.
      • Image cropping.
      • Cutting out part of the background
      • Altering the color
      • Noise reduction
      • Removal of unwanted items in the image
      • Altering the image orientation.
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What Is Photo Editing

It involves alteration of images regardless of being digital, traditional or illustrations. When editing traditional photos, one can use an airbrush. There are several software programs you can use to attain your goal. There are several and comprise 3D modelers, raster graphics editors, and vector graphics editors.

Some software programs include;

      • Adobe illustrator
      • GIMP
      • Photoshop
      • Paint Tool Sai

The Benefits of Photo Editing

Why do you need to edit your photos? While most people use photo editing tools to correct a mistake, you may need to add adjustments and enhancements to your photos, whether personal or for your business.

Below are the advantages;

Create credibility and reputation

As opposed to noisy pictures and unwanted details in the photos, the use of high quality images when advertising builds a reputation for the company. Most people prefer real and original images when viewing stocks; therefore ensure that you have alterations on the image as professional as possible to simulate a real version of what you want to illustrate.

Image re-energizing

Changing of the photo colors, brightness and contrast in a dull, dark and raw photo gives the image a refreshed look bringing it back to life. You can even change the background if it doesn’t suit the purpose. In a business, you can edit the photo to make it user-friendly and to exploit opportunities to showcase the values and ethics of the company.

Building the brand image

Image modification plays an important role when you use it appropriately. Use a unique style that makes your business stand out from the rest. Play with the saturation and use a unique cropping style to give a distinctive appearance of the image you intend to use to promote your brand. Photo retouch improves the appearance of the images you intend to use when launching a product and re-branding.

You can communicate the message of your brand in the intended sense in a way that sticks with the minds of the audience for promotional purposes.

Builds sales

Photo improves the visually properties of your images making them alluring. The more people the images attract, the more prospective clients you gain thus improving the future sales of the company. Color variations, changing the color pallet and brightness among other properties; help improve the appearance of your pictures thus boosting decisions that affect the sales of your business.

Saves time and effort.

Retouching software and services helps save a lot of time and resources you would have devoted to editing images within the organization.

Brings out multipurpose uses of the images

Photo editing gives you multiple options to enhance the image in question. You can use different backgrounds, color variations, cropping style and experiment with other photo properties for each marketing platform you would like to use.

Robust social media strategy

Eye-catching images on social media give you a head start over your competition.

Objectivity and fresh suggestions

Experienced professional photo editors help you see through the bias and by suggesting innovative ways to improve efficiency, photos and turnaround times.

      • Photo editing makes your photos to have an aesthetic appeal.
      • Photo editing enhances the appearance of the photos making them help you stand out leaving an impression on people.

Disadvantages of photo manipulation

      • It requires a lot of space on your laptop or computer.
      • Photoshop can be costly as its utilities are pricey.
      • It distorts the perception of people on beauty.
      • There are limitations to editing an old photo.
      • It is time consuming.

As discussed above, photo editing has its difficulties. It is advisable to hire a professional with all the relevant experience in the field as not all editing tools are for you. Instead of ending up with a disastrous picture in your hands, get the work done professionally at Graphics Expert Ltd. It is our top priority to we mould the end results exactly as you want them at a pocket friendly price.