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Vehicle insurance is a compulsory requirement for driving your auto all around Europe, but did you know that some countries and insurance agencies demand that you have your auto inspected and photographed prior to the issuance of coverage?

What is a Car Photo Inspection
What is a Car Photo Inspection

What is Car Photo Inspection?

Let’s say you get involved in a car accident and you want to file an insurance claim to rollback the damages. Upon the filing of the claim, the insurance agency will require you to perform certain tasks in order to commence investigations into your claim. Among this tasks, the main one will involve getting a photo inspection done.

Types of Car Photo Inspection

There a many reasons why you may require a photo inspection. However, the two main reasons why an insurance agency may demand it from you. This is: For a pre-Insurance photo inspection and, or for inspection and investigations of a car accident claim.

Pre-Insurance Photo Inspection

Most states and countries have made it a mandatory requirement for car owners to have a car photo inspection done before the issuance of a policy. This is aimed at protecting the insurance agency and the car owner from unforeseen threats or risks. The photo inspection captures the exterior and interior condition of the automotive.

Based on your car’s condition, a pre-insurance car photo inspection can assist you to obtain a lesser cost on your vehicles insurance coverage.

Car Accident Claims Inspection

Upon involvement in a car accident, it is procedural that you file a claim with your insurance agency to recover damages. The insurance company will then require a photo inspection as part of the accident claims inspection to examine and establish the extent of damage suffered.

What Happens At the Inspection

inspecting agency will verify information about your car. The inspection will

  • The general condition of your vehicle
  • odometer reading
  • accessories
  • vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • options
  • and other essential information.
  • The inspection will also include taking the auto’s pictures.

Once the entire process is complete, you will be required to sign the report and a copy of this report will be provided to you for personal keeping. The finished originals will be processed and issued to your insurance provider.


How Much Does a Photo Inspection Cost?

A number of countries and states do not charge for car photo inspection especially if the inspection agency is established by the government. However, those established by private companies charge competitively priced fees. This process takes roughly 15 minutes to complete and generate the photograph and report.

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