Best place to sell junk car

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Perhaps you are having a junk car that is taking up some space in your driveway or maybe every time you find yourself paying packing ticket for a vehicle that you are not even using? Getting rid of this junk car could be easy, but should you throw it away without any financial compensation? Here comes the good news. Any junk car, unless it’s completely devastated by fire, will obviously have some part that someone somewhere would love to get at a bargain price.

Best place to sell junk car
Best place to sell junk car

What is junk Car

Why are they actually considered as junk cars? If you hear the term all the time in a conversation or in anger especially at times when a car malfunctions, you will obviously picture an orange rusty old little car parked at a driveway. But generally, a car that doesn’t add any value to its owner is considered as junk car.

Where to sell junk cars

There are several ways that you can make that dream of turning a junk car into some quick cash. The better condition your car is, the more money it is worth. If a car still retains its valuable components such as engine and catalytic converter, then it is worth even more.

If you are searching for the best place to sell junk car, the first place to turn into is a scrap metal yard. Scrap metal companies buy junk cars and break them down into more valuable parts. They keep suitable equipment and recycle the remaining parts. Since these companies use effort and time to break down a car by themselves, you might get less money for a whole junk. But if you want to make more money, you can separate these parts by yourself and then sell each individual component for cash.

junk car
junk car

Another best place to sell junk car is on auction websites. EBay or any other auction websites are quite popular for both sellers and buyers with the potential profits going higher right before an item is sold. With high number of members on online action, getting cash for your junk car shouldn’t be too hard. Here, the only secret is posting a lot of good pictures and list a phone number or at least respond quickly to questions. Make sure to take high quality and clean photos of all side of your car together with the full detail of the interior.

Buy and sell forums are also best places to sell junk car and used car parts online. You may post your junk car ads in car related forums as this will ensure that you have the targeted crowd. If you choose to pay for an expensive classified ad, make sure that you are for sale to answer to phone calls from audience of your vehicle.


Before destroyed your junk car, you should try to sell it. It will benefited you financially. Do you have any other queries regarding to junk car, fell free to ask your question our experts will give a solution for you.

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