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Imagine you are the owner of a car dealership and have been in business for several years. The business boasts an excellent track record, and your relationship with clients is the envy of your competitors.

However, one morning one of the salespersons gets involved in an accident, and preliminary reports reveal that they were intoxicated during a test drive with a client. Such incidents can ruin an auto-dealership business. It is for this reason that auto dealers strive to adhere to strict zero-tolerance drug policy. Part of such adherence involves conducting comprehensive drug tests on potential new employees and existing ones.

What is Car dealership of Drug Test?

A drug test for a car dealership thus refers to the analysis of a biological specimen – urine, blood, sweat or breath – with the aim of determining the presence and level of a drug in an employee’s body. Due to the nature of the job in car dealerships, it is essential that employers conduct drug tests regularly. Although the frequency of such tests is the dealers’ prerogative, the intervals must be reasonable.

Importance of Car Dealership Drug Test

Avoid Accidents

Car dealerships have unique risks with one being auto accidents and it is for this reason that car salespersons must be alert when at work. When intoxicated, it is difficult to make sound decisions, and this makes it easy for the employee to cause an accident while on the job. This, in turn, leads to repair costs that aren’t budgeted for by the business. By conducting regular drug tests on the employees, therefore, auto dealers reduce the chances of accidents that are as a result of drug use.

Abide by Workplace Health and Safety Laws

In as much as dealerships implement drug test policies for the benefit of the business and employees as well, state laws guide these policies. It is therefore against workplace safety regulations not to have a drug test policy in place. That would send the message that the dealership lacks a duty of care to its employees. Conducting drug tests, therefore, ensures that auto-dealers abide by laid down rules and regulations on workplace safety.

Car Dealership Drug Test
Car Dealership Drug Test

Develop Employee Confidence

Employees at dealerships need to fill that the dealership cares for their well being and reasonable. By conducting reasonably random drug tests for auto-dealerships, dealers can show employees that they have their interests and well being at heart.

Protect Reputation

For car dealerships, reputation is the name of the business because cars are a sensitive and expensive product. If an employee damages a client’s car and a drug test reveals they were drunk, the incidence can damage the reputation of the business. Nobody would want to buy or sell their vehicle to a dealership that allows intoxicated salespersons conduct business. Remember that the manner in which employees behave and act is a reflection on the organization. Drug tests, therefore, help keep an auto-dealerships reputation intact.

Bottom Line

In as much as drug testing is useful to business and employees, dealerships must ensure that the policy isn’t applied in a discriminatory manner. First, this requires that the car dealership notify all employees of such as exercise in good time. Also, the decision on who to test should be as random as possible. Lastly, top management should act as an example to lower cadre employees by taking part in the tests.