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Transparent Background

Most people are limited to use some art and pictures because of the background that the picture or logo has. The users, however, do not have to worry anymore because the word has a way to create a transparent background from a picture with any other background be it white or different colors.

Transparent background is mostly used in websites to enable the pictures and arts used to take the color of the website. A transparent background, therefore, is the adaptability of the image to take any color that is desired by the owner of the site or any background color as desired by the user.


How to Create a Transparent
Background in Word

1. On the
Insert tab, go to the illustrations group and select shapes category and select
any desired shape.

2. Draw the
shape on the word document you wish to add the picture and ensure the shape is
of the same dimension as the picture.

3. Click on
the shape and then go to the format menu, on the shape style category select
shape outline and choose no outline.

4. Right
click on the shape and select format shape,

5. At the
pane on the right-hand side. Select the fill and click on picture or texture

6. To import
the picture to the word document click on file then insert a picture where you
select the picture from the source and click insert to import the picture.

7. Move the
transparency slider on the right-hand pane to 100%, and there you go you have a
transparent background on a word document.

How to Change the Background of a
Word Document

1. Go to the
design tab

2. On the
page, the background group select the page color.

3. Select
the desired color from the drop-down.

4. To add a
custom color click on more colors and select the desired color.

5. When done
the document will have the desired background color.

How to Add the Background of a Word

1. On the
open word document selected on the design tab.

2. Then on
the page background group select on page color.

3. Click on
the drop-down button.

4. Click on
the color of your choice to the word document.

How to Delete the Background of a
Word Document

1. Click on
the design tab

2. In the
page, background group click on page color

3. Click on
no color.

4. The background color is now removed from the word document.

Final Verdict

Add, change
and delete background feature has made work easy for word users. The main
advantage with it is that the software is free and the only requirement is that
your machine should be running in windows operating system. The primary
challenge to this feature is both Photoshop and CorelDraw however the license
is required to run the two and solve the problem.