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When it comes to buying cars the dealership inventory photo is the most important aspect for any dealer. This is because the first thing a customer wants to see before they buy a car is the picture of the car.

Dealership inventory photos are what attracts a customer to their shop and not another selling the same car. In most cases, professional photos help the customer decide the type of car they are looking for by accurately illustrating the specs of the car.

With a majority of car dealerships being online, photographing cars for a dealership needs to be done by a professional automotive inventory photographer because they will be able to get all the details and in turn get to maximize the effect of the photo on potential customers.

automotive image editing
automotive image editing

Why is Inventory photography a requirement?

The primary reason dealership inventory photography is required is because photos are the first thing that a customer views when they look for a car. With photos, anything can be made to look good. Dealership inventory photography is a great marketing tool since it can make a car look better than it does on the showroom depending on the angles taken.

Imagine seeing a description ad of a really awesome car that has all the specs you need. That would be exciting, wouldn’t it? Now imagine if you went to see the car only to find it’s not half the description given. How disappointing that would be.

Dealership inventory photography is required to show the customer what they are buying. With photography, the customer will be able to compare the description to the picture and ascertain you are selling the right car. Additionally, dealership photography makes it easy to adjust pricing methods because the customer will see the authenticity of your cars. If the photos match the descriptions given, a customer is likely to shop with you because they trust you.

Why is Inventory photography a requirement
Why is Inventory photography a requirement

What is car dealer photo backgrounds?

Where can you find Car Dealership Inventory Photo service?

For excellent high-quality car inventory photos, Dealer Image Pro is the place to go. The company offers its customers next-generation auto photos as they know it is the secret to attracting merchants. This company offers packages for any size of the dealership without compromising on quality.

Their experienced photographers take top-notch pictures of the cars, edit, crop, and color enhance them to ensure it is the best quality you can get. With a record of consistency and impeccable service, Dealer Image Pro is your everyday friendly neighborhood dealership inventory photographer.

If you want a company that knows the value of dealership inventory photography, then Cox Auto-motive is the company to go to. The company not only offers imaging solutions but also provides formidable data solutions where dealers get to sell their cars to a wide market range. With Cox Auto-motive, dealers get to make more money in a short time thanks to the company’s high-quality imaging technology that makes the pictures stand out from the rest.

Dominion dealer solution is another company that has been in the game for some time now. Serving the car dealership industry for over 20 years now, Dominion Dealer Solutions offers high-quality car photography and videos. What’s more, the packages come with enhanced customization to fit your dealership’s needs. Apart from offering supersized photos instead of the traditional photos, the company also offers photo enhancements that will add some life and quality of your inventory. With Dominion, it’s a matter of time before your photos jump from your VDPs. The photo enhancements include; clipping, unique brand overlays, custom call to action frames among other awesome features.

Where can you find Car Dealership Inventory Photo service
Where can you find Car Dealership Inventory Photo service

Automotive inventory photographer salary

Car photography is not a new art, while it was not so popular before, the professional has been around for some time. The average automotive inventory photographer salary is $ 16 an hour or $30- 50,000 annually.vehicle photographer salary also likely same to Car photography.

If you are wondering about how to become an automotive photographer, here is what you need to know about the profession; you need a basic experience in photo editing and video software.

You should be knowledgeable in windows and be computer literate. You should also be comfortable working outdoors because a lot of your activities will be outdoors. Additionally, you should be able to have an eye for composition and be okay with working through all the seasons of the year.

Other duties, responsibilities and car dealership photography prices attached to the job depend on the individual company offering employment.

10 Effective Car Dealership Inventory Photo Tips
10 Effective Car Dealership Inventory Photo Tips

Why car dealers should have beautiful car images to increase sales

10 Effective Car Dealership Inventory Photo Tips

When it comes to taking professional car photos, apart from good car photography services, you need to ensure that the photos will serve their purpose. Here are 10 car dealership inventory tips to help you get the most out of your inventory photography; It’s exclusive  car dealership photography tips only for you.

  1. Hire someone knowledgeable

To avoid shoddy work, you need to hire an experienced photographer who will not rush the work or do it as an afterthought. If you cannot afford to hire a permanent photographer, then hire a professional dealership inventory photographer.

  1. Be moderate in your editing

While a bit of editing will definitely spruce up your car inventory, remember that at the end of the day the customer will want to see what they saw on the picture when they come to the showroom. The only editing you should consider is balancing the contrast, cropping or adding your logo to the picture for branding.


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atomotive photo enhance
automotive photo enhance
  1. Be careful with the lighting

In Dealership photography, lighting is very crucial. Do not just take pictures of the car where you find it parked. Ensure optimal and correct positioning of lighting when it comes to taking photos of the car to avoid unattractive figures or shadows.

  1. A neutral background is important

You need to ensure that the background does not take the attention from the car. Ensure that there are no random people or objects that would distract the viewer or ruin the photo. Note, this includes your reflection too.

  1. Take a lot of pictures

Things have changed now, with digital cameras, can take as many pictures as you want to sort out later. Remember, the more photos you take, the more angles you get off the car which will be great on your inventory. Many customers want as many photos of the car as possible, offer them a reason to stay on your website longer.

6. Brainstorming creative photography ideas

While your website is the primary car inventory, where you cannot post edited or filtered pictures, social media has no restrictions. You can take strange car angle photos, or funny scenarios with the car to post on social media platforms.

  1. Prioritize the Popular Car Features

Avoid the norm of every car dealer. Be different. Take pictures of the popular features of the car and bank on them. You need to research on the popular features of individual cars among buyers and focus your pictures on them.

  1. Find an Attractive Place to snap away

Nobody will buy a car whose picture portrays it parked next to a dumpster or a junkyard or an alley. Find an attractive place to take pictures and consistently use it.

  1. It’s okay Show Off a Little

If you know the features making the car ‘cool’, you should not be afraid to show them off. Whether it’s the wheels, or exhaust, or the sporty look, whatever it is that is making the car awesome, show it off.

  1. Constantly update your inventory

You should keep your inventory always up to date. That is, if any car is upgraded or undergoes repairs, take photos of the new car and upload them to their respective inventories.