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Although all cars are manufactured with paint and primer that prevents the car from rusting, extended usage of the vehicle combined with various damages such as scratching and dents can cause the car to develop rust.

This is because the scratched areas are exposed to moisture, and when the “naked” metal comes into contact with the wetness, the oxidation process takes place thus causing that part to rust.

How Can I Remove Rust From My Car?
How Can I Remove Rust From My Car?

Some of the negative effects of rust on the car include;

  • Damages the outer body of the vehicle.

Once the rust starts to form in the car, it tends to extend over a period since the car is still getting exposed to water when cleaning or left on outdoor. Therefore, this causes the metal of the vehicle to weaken and get eaten up by the rust thus causing its damage. Note that this happens when the rust areas are not treated at the right time.

  • Damage the engine.

The engine is the powering part of the car and therefore if the car’s engine gets damaged by the rust, it destroys the car in return. Most engine parts of the vehicle are fitted with water drains that prevent the water from getting drained to the engine areas. So, if the ducts are clogged or do not drain properly, the water gets swept to the engine thus causing it to rust.

How can one remove car rust?

  • Using pure distilled vinegar.

Vinegar is recommended for removing rust from the metal parts since its chemical power gets rid of the molecules that attach the rust to the metal surface. So, first off, scrub off the rust on the affected area using sandpaper. Then dip a clean cloth in the vinegar and press it on the rusted surface for few minutes.

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  • Using baking soda.

What makes baking soda to be preferred for eliminating rust from the car is due to the chemical reactions that occur when this product is dipped in water. The sizzling and production of bubbles when baking soda is immersed in water interact with the molecules holding rust on the car thus loosening them. So mix your baking soda with little water until you form a paste. Then smear it in the rusted surface and wait for some minutes before wiping it off. Note that you may be required to repeat this action for more than one time for it to be active and ensure that all the rust is eliminated from the car metal.

  • Using soda.

Soda consists content of citric acid, and as we all know, citric acid is usually recommended for eliminating rust in various surfaces. Also, soda is quite powerful since it is still used for removing rust in chrome materials. Hence it will take less effort in removing the same from a car metal. Just dip a clean cloth on the soda and rub it against the affected area. Make sure to work on a small portion at a time for better results.

  • Use fresh lemon juice.

Lemon consists of the highest content of citric acid and therefore, it entirely effective in removing rust from the car’s body. It is quite easy to use lemon for eliminating rusts, and it gives results within a short period. Just cut the lemon into two pieces and rub it on the affected area of the car one part at a time.