How to get rid of maggots in car carpet

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How to Get Maggots Out of Car Carpet

The moment someone drops something like food, for instance, an egg on the car carpet, they create a breeding ground for the maggots. The maggots breed from rotten food elements. For starters, the rotting food has an extremely foul smell. The car ends up smelling like a garbage pit.

The maggots roam on the car carpet, on the seats and everywhere the can access in the car. The create an ugly environment, and when they land on a person while driving, one can even throw up.

They are slippery and not pleasing to look at. Those that do not have a game face cannot travel in a car with maggots. It can ruin the reputation of the driver when an extinguished passenger is to board the car.


Get Maggots Out of Car Carpet

Step 1. Get rid of the attractant

There is always something like a food substance trapped in the joints of the car carpets or inside the foam of the seats. It acts as the breeding ground for the maggots. Follow the smell and trace where it is coming from.

Failure to remove the attractant will be detrimental as the maggots will be back even after killing the already available maggots. Thorough checkup should be done to ensure not even a single, tiny piece I left.

Step 2. Kill the Maggots

Make sure the boric acid powder is sprinkled evenly and liberally all over the car carpet. A broom or a brush comes in handy in sweeping the carpet. Sweeping goes a long way to ensure the powder is pushed deep into the rug fibers of your car carpet.

The deeper the powder sinks, the more it can kill as many maggots as possible. Boric acid is comprised of rough crystals and cuts into the maggots, vanquishing them instantaneously.


Step 3. Vacuum

You should thoroughly vacuum the carpet with the aim to get rid of the dead maggots and the boric acid powder that is on the car and seat carpets.

In a situation where you see more maggots afterward, sprinkle boric acid again and repeat the vacuuming to kill them. After you are done with the vacuuming process, take out the vacuum bag, fold it tightly in an airtight plastic bag. Dispose of the airtight plastic bag into an outdoor trash bucket.

In a situation where the vacuum cleaner is made of canister instead of a bag, a bleaching agent is applied inside the canister to ensure that the bleach kills collected maggots that are not dead. After bleaching, the maggots are dead and should be disposed of in an outdoor trash can. The canister is then cleaned with the bleach thoroughly and then rinsed before storage.


Step 4. Steam Clean

The steam cleaner comes in handy to finalize in getting rid of what might have been missed by the vacuum cleaner and the stain that is attracting the flies. The water should be flushed in a toilet or an outdoor steam cleaner. For the people who do not own a steam cleaner, there are available out there for hire.

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