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The thought of closing a car sale deal and handing the keys to the new owner brings a good feeling to most car sellers. The reason is convincing a client to sign on the dotted line shows that the seller has done his homework well. Understanding the entire process of car selling is therefore essential for any car salesperson. A checklist helps in this regard. It acts as a step by step guide, ensuring the seller encounters less fuss, satisfy client demands and make a profit to boot. However, not any checklist will do. Make sure your checklist is similar or close to the one highlighted in this article.

  1. De-clutter the Interior

Clutter inside a vehicle on sale is unsightly and send a wrong message to the buyer. Make sure therefore that the pockets, creases and folds are clean. You can use a car scent to give the interiors a fresh scent.

Car Dealership Inventory Photo Tips
Car Dealership Inventory Photo Tips
  1. Car Sale Folder

Car buyers want as much information as possible about the vehicle they want to buy. Therefore, avail this data on the vehicle title, insurance, inspection reports, transfer of ownership forms for used car etc. It should be in an organized folder and should answer a majority of customers’ questions.


  1. Vehicle Manual

Information on the specifications of a vehicle is vital to the buyer. Since a budget guides buyers, they need to understand the specifications – model number, transmission system, make, year of manufacture etc. – of a car before making a purchase.

What is car dealer photo backgrounds
What is car dealer photo backgrounds
  1. Prepare a bill of sale

While some car sellers deem a bill of sale unnecessary, it’s important not to underestimate its usefulness. The reason is it states clearly the terms and conditions. This, therefore, absolves you of any liability from future complaints.


  1. List of Added Accessories

Some car buyers love to accessorise their cars. You can, therefore, make a list of the accessories added to the vehicle and their functions. This list may just be the reason a client buys the car.

car dealer should have beautyful car image
Why car dealers should have beautiful car images to increase sales
  1. Attractive Car photos

Capture the attention of potential buyers with excellent photographs of the vehicles. Make sure you capture all angles, including under the hood. Clean pictures work in favour of the car, and consequently in yours. Best Car Image Editing Service.


  1. Car Maintenance History

Buyers will only buy vehicles that are in excellent mechanical condition. They, however, want sellers to support those claims with a maintenance history report. It is the only way they will believe the car’s current state.


  1. Research Value of Similar vehicles

Before setting the selling price for the car, research how much how much similar models are selling at. The information will help you establish a reasonable price for the car.


  1. Asking Price and Low Price

Car buyers are good at haggling. If you are not careful, you may end up selling the car at a lower price. To protect yourself, set an asking price as well as a low price. This range provides a cushion if the buyer insists against the asking price.

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  1. Always offer a test drive

Nobody will buy a car before they have had a chance to put its capabilities to the test. Therefore, even if the signs show that potential buyer won’t buy the vehicle, offer them a test drive. They may change their mind after a 30-minute test drive.


Bottom Line

Of course, there are many other things you will have to look at to prepare you adequately for the selling process. The checklist above highlights some of the basics to get you started. Ensure, therefore, that you do not miss any step. It will help you close deals faster.