10 Ways on how you can Make Money Taking Pictures of Cars

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Photography is an art. Not everyone can take good quality photos. If you are a pro photographer, you must have invested adequate time to perfect your skills, for others it is a talent; this alone is reason enough to make money taking pictures of cars. In this article, i will highlight ten tips that will guide you on how to make money from car photography.

10 Ways on how you can Make Money Taking Pictures of Cars
10 Ways on how you can Make Money Taking Pictures of Cars
  1. START SMALL: Start with cars which are readily available. Take photos of your family members’ cars, friends, and relatives around. You can make money from them as they are easy to reach. From these close clients, you can get referrals.


  1. BUILD A PORTFOLIO: Have your work neatly presented so that potential clients can view your photography with ease. Having a portfolio shows you are professional and you value your work.
  2. BLOGGING: Start an exclusive blog for car photography. This way, you will build an audience who are interested in this niche. Creating a blog is easy, and with Google Ad Sense and product advertisement, you will make good money from car photography.


  1. USE SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites provide an excellent platform to showcase your photography skills. Considering the heavy presence of social media users, you can reach millions with social media. Instagram is a unique platform; the images you post can reach a wider audience by promoting content.


Car Photography Tips
Car Photography Tips
  1. GET NEW MODELS: Don’t just stick to a few common car models. Be diverse in your photography and take pictures of both big and small cars. Look for old models and make vintage pictures. You will earn money by having a variety for your clients.
  1. ATTEND CAR SHOWS: Car shows and events are always held in the locality from time to time. Be updated on car shows events in your area, as this presents an excellent opportunity to network and exhibit your work. You are also able to take more photos of different car models in the exhibition and make a couple of sales.


  1. BUILD A BRAND: With your portfolio, build a brand. Make your name known. Your work will speak for you. Keep progressing and treat car photography as a serious career, not just a hobby.


  1. YOUTUBE: Tons of people make money from YouTube. Open a YouTube channel and make consistent vlogs. You don’t just have to be sharing still images, make exciting short videos about latest cars and car events. Be creative in your vlog and don’t make videos which are too long. The attention span for most YouTube users is short, and a lengthy video may make your viewers lose interest at some point.
Make Money Taking Pictures of Cars
Make Money Taking Pictures of Cars
  1. DON’T DO FREE SHOOTS: This is a tip you need to have before venturing into automotive photography. Avoid people who ask you to take car photos free of charge. Consider this as a career and business; you should never fall for people who convince you to take photos of cars without pay.


  1. SELL VIA STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY SITES: You can sign up on websites like Shutterstock and Bigstock and earn money as a contributor. Alternatively, you can create a Flickr account and make money from your car photography through Getty Images licensing.


Though this list is not conclusive, it offers some excellent ways in which you can make money taking pictures of cars. Invest time to sharpen your skill to produce quality car photography that will sell. Start small as you advance to greater heights. Choose a role model. Learning from others is a faster way to climb to the top. Then you will be on your way to make good money from car photography.

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