Why Automobile Image Processing Service Is Required For A Dealer

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Automobile image processing is crucial for safety and quality in automotive production and engineering. Most manufacturers and suppliers of components rely on vision technology in the validation of complex assembly inspections and processes.

It entails consistent and exact fabrication. The image processing systems do, however, continue being utilized even after the production automobile parts and complete vehicles in their entire life cycles in many other applications for comfort and security.

Automobile Image Processing systems example

Image processing in the vehicle

Modern cars presently have different camera frameworks such as tracking assistant, stereo camera, peeking around the corner, parking assistants, and a virtual top-view, which help in the detection of things.

These frameworks make an overall view conceivable in conjunction with radar and also image recognition if there is poor visibility such as that of mist, rain or darkness. Since the camera is just a sensor that records data, there has to be a component for processing the images.

It should be an obvious choice to incorporate this system into the vehicle. By doing this, images conveyed by the camera can be well analyzed to provide patterns.

Image processing in the vehicle
Image processing in the vehicle

It isn’t adequate to have only one such component on board. Since the data imported from various cameras should also be analyzed, having several components for image processing is fundamental. These work close by the images with each focusing on a particular pattern like recognition of individuals.

Pre-processing recognizes individuals, while post-processing can determine if they are kids. This makes an entire framework of image processing components, operated on at least one computer system in the automobile.

image processing service in the back end
image processing service in the back end/Car Photoshop

Today, the sensors give the knowledge. This provides an implication that the image-processing is part of the camera and is therefore not flexible with respect to ‘new pattern recognition algorithms’.

By methods for a real-time operating framework for the vehicle, the sensors for image acquisition can be better decoupled from the handling components, which makes it possible to update a new recognition pattern process.


Image processing in the back-end

Migrating image processing to the back-end involves a couple of intriguing viewpoints. Therefore, it is possible to utilize the images of a vehicle, as well as of a few vehicles within a similar area, for evaluation of the situation. The first vehicle perceives the individual.

In the season of around 1 second the vehicle needs to recognize the individual before it is past, it can take a transfer of around 20 images. A second vehicle would now be able to send additional pictures of the individual to the back-end where the pictures of the two vehicles are assessed to make a movement vector of the individual. Is the individual moving toward the road or leaving? In the primary case, a third vehicle can be informed and its driver is given a notice.


Another advantage is that new processor units can be immediately coordinated into new pattern analysis. Therefore, the recognition of pattern can be constantly improved. Additionally, the requirement for CPU and memory in the back-end can hypothetically be broadened.

Locally available PC limits are constrained, so a development of picture preparing parts requires the visit of a service organization, in which case an extra CPU unit and memory must be introduced.

As a dealer do you think this extra-ordinary component can make your business great? For the autonomous vehicle, this is definitely necessary. Image processing combined with flexible data analysis, as well as deep learning algorithms, there is often a reduced ‘occurring lack of awareness’ in traffic. This will to a large extent minimize the risk of any transport user coming into harm.

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